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Roanoke Radon was established in 2006 with the mission of affordability and client satisfaction through comprehensive Radon knowledge for homeowners in Southwest Virginia. I enjoy making a quality product and working with my hands. That mission continues to be a driving force through today. As a business, Roanoke Radon, I always puts the interests of my clients first. Whether you are looking for a radon test or to mitigate your house of Radon gas and need a professional to fix a high radon reading, I can fix the your house with a fast turnaround. Typically I need a one weeks notice and work can be completed in less then one day.

My name is Nathan Collogan, I have been professionally installing Radon Reduction Systems in homes throughout Roanoke Valley, New River Valley, Lynchburg, Danville, Marion, Lewisburg, Lexington, and southwest Virginia since graduation from H.S. in 2000. I have been in Radon Mitigation since I started working for Dale Slocumb of Radon Safe Inc. in May of 2000. After working for him for four and a half years I decided to start my own radon business. I offer the best product to clients every day. No one else to my knowledge offers a 10 year warranty. I want to be the first and the last person you talk to about Radon Mitigation. If its cost that is an issue or system ascetics that worrys you about getting a house mitigated, I can explain why I can do it better.

A house with a Radon Mitigation system should be working properly and have lower then normal levels but the only way of knowing is for the property to be tested. The EPA recommends having your house tested for Radon every two years.  

I offer low prices for a typical Radon Mitigation system. Starting at $775.00 in Roanoke City and increasing in price the farther away from Roanoke you travel. Before you have any other licensed mitigator fix your house with high radon levels I want you to know more about radon and know that price isn't always as good as quality work. is a great place to get consumer information. Working for Dale Slocumb and Radon Safe Inc. for 4.5 years I was trained with quality, but more then that I've seen and fixed hundreds of houses throughout the valley that were improperly installed by my competition. I have been installing quality systems since May of 2000, thats over 14 years. I have fixed many of my competitors improperly working systems, one namely. All my work has been 100% effective with happy customers. is where my licensing is accredited and my license numbers are at the bottom of each page. I take pride in what I do, so you can take pride in choosing me.


Nathan Collogan was born and raised in the midwest and currently resides in the Daleville area.

  • Nathan's professional education includes:
  • 104 classroom hours at Radford University 
  • 16 classroom hours at Center for Basic and Applied Science 
  • Certification of Radon Measurement Specialist and Radon Mitigator through The National Radon Safety Board. Expiration date 12/31/2014
RRS 7G0012 Radon Remediation Specialist
RMS 7SS0059 Radon Measurement Specialist
Radon Mitigation is my specialty!
Proudly serving Southwest Virgina for over a decade!

Roanoke Radon
P.O. Box 162
Daleville, VA 24083
(540) 904-5500

~The longest running most experienced mitigator with reputability in the Roanoke Valley~
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